Can hard water cause bloating & constipation?

Recently I have been feeling really bloated and constipated on a regular basis. This seems to have happened since I moved into my new house but the only thing that has changed is the water I drink. We suffer very badly from hard water which regularly clogs the shower etc. Do you think this could be a factor?
21:32 Wed 30th Apr 2008
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Sorry - seems it has the opposite effect:

"Not only is hard water not detrimental to your health, the buildup of minerals has been medically linked to lowering the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and providing potentially alleviating effects on the onset of constipation in the eighty-five percent of homes that have hard water. It is the combination of calcium and magnesium that can be pivotal in preventing constipation-when taken in the right quantities, of course. " rd-water.html
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Maybe I should be drinking more of it then!! Must be something I am eating then, think I will start keeping a food diary see if I can spot the trigger!

Makes me feel so lethargic!!
Would running it through a filter help? You can get inline ones for about 30 quid that may filter out Carbonates at source (eg. when you turn the tap on).

Boiling your water would certainly reduce CaC03 (Calcium Carbonate) but would be a PITA every time you wanted water for drinking or cooking.
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hi there when i moved form home to in with with me other half i had very bad cistitis, I was on a natural spring whilst growing up and then moved to a hard water area, the problem was quickly cured when i bought a water filter, which i love! need to get a new one but im sentimently attached. The tap water i find is ok in cooking and filtering prior to putting into the kettle has made the kettle last for ages! my in-laws kettle needs replacing every few months due to the yucky deposits!
@Sweetie77 & Whickerman ,
Yes you have pointed a vv imp question and i think Whickerman has answered it absolutely right.
After some months of changing my job and place, I had also the same problem of constipation, low blood pressure, exhausting and irregular heart-beat. I was using a over-purified water by my company. After a long struggle for diagnosis process doctors found that i had very low level of minerals and salts in the body. like Magnesium, Calcium, and some salts. Mg was one affecting my BP and heart-beat i think. Now i have started taking proper water minerals that done all this with me.

Engineer Zubair Shabbir Pansota
Lahore, Pakistan
spacefriend_z (at hotmail dot com)
@sweetie77 & Whickerman;
Whickerman pointed a v v imp thing......
After my job and place changed, i had also the same problem of Conticipation, low blood pressure, irregular heart-beat, constipation. I was using an over-purified water by my company. after along diagnosis doctors found i had low level of minerals and salts in the body. then i used to have salts and minerals like Mg(that i think caused heart-beat prb), Cal and other salts. and all now ok.

Engr Zubair Shabbir Pansota
Lahore, Pakistan
spacefriend_z (at hotmail dot com)

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