stubbed foot!

I walked into the wall and kicked a broom with my bare foot- no blood but now it really really hurts. Usually a stubbed toe goes off after a few mins but this is the whole of the side of my foot around my little toe- and it hurts so much I can hardly walk on it! Arrgh.
What can I do to make it better?!
20:18 Thu 20th Sep 2007
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it is probably broken, apparently people break their little toes most years of their life!!! you should use some plaster strips to splint it to the next toe, take some ibuprofen for inflammation and some paracetamol for the pain, stay of it for a week if poss, it will heal in 4 - 6 weeks properly. I broke the three bigger toes a year ago and it was excrutiatingly painful.
i did this last week.!
it could be either a fracture or a break.
apply ice if you can and it will reduce the swelling and numb the pain.
pain killers will help to.
hope you feel better soon.mine still hurts a bit even now.
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Did you have to take any time off work?
I've broken my little toe before by walking into a highchair. I did go to hospital with mine, they x-rayed it, confirmed it was broken and strapped it to the next toe with plaster strips, it took about 5-6 weeks to heal, I couldn't drive as I couldn't put any pressure on the foot and had problems walking any great distance, also I couldn't put proper shoes on as it hurt too much so had to live in sandals.

I knew that it wasn't just a stubbed toe as well, as the pain was too severe.
I've done the same,and,it probably is broken. Dot is the real expert at broken toes info,although her case was really extreme. With me,I was off work at the weekend anyway,but,made it in to work on the Monday.The pain was really bad though,and,you'll have to find shoes or sandals that give your foot some room.The toe and foot,will probably soon have black brusing.
I meant bruising !! Doh!
A friend of mine did this and it wasn't broken but it apparantly would have been better if it was - she has now had problems for about 8 months and still can't wear proper shoes - she ended up having an operation to put pins in it - then another to remove them. She was unable to drive - had to have a lot of time off work/work from home. If I were you, I would go ad get an x-ray to be sure.

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