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Who pays for brown road signs and/or decides what is worthy of one? e.g. some pubs - do they pay to be sign-posted or is there an authority that decides which ones are worthy of brown signs?
10:48 Sun 11th May 2003
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Isn't it National Trust or something like that?
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I don't think so. Their houses usually get brown signs but lots of non-National trust things do too, like country pubs and theme parks.
I used to work in a bar in Torquay. The owner had purchased some of those brown signs you are talking about and wanted to put them up in the High Street pointing to his bar. Late one night he climbed a lamp post and attached the signs. Two days later the signs were removed and he received a letter from the council informing him that he would have to pay to have the signs displayed - I think it was about �600 for each sign. I would imagine that this is only true for private businesses and that the council would get theirs up for free.
each region through the UK has different organisation who decide on Northern Ireland it is the Department of the Enviroment and when I worked for the local council there they had to pay for a sign to one of their attractions to be erected....i think it was �200 per sign and there were about 4 put up but that price included the sign always the local council is the place to ask.
Just as i thought, decided by the usual bunch of petty bureaucrats

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