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In Windows XP you find wordpad in the start menu. I cannot find wordpad in windows 7. I can find some sort of word pad in microsoft office but the first thing you have to do is enter a "25 character product key" which I cannot find anywhere, not on product packaging (of new laptop ) or in any emails relating to the online purchase. Any ideas much appreciated.
15:22 Mon 12th Jul 2010
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start --- programs --- accessories?
The Microsoft Office you have is probably a trial. It usually works for a while (30 days or 60 days) then you have to put the 25 digit code in (and pay for it).

I would have thought the trial would work without the 25 digit code.

Have you checked with the people you bought it off.
In Windows 7 you can usually just search what you want from the start menu. Try searching for Notepad or Wordpad there.

Failing that, free word processors like OpenOffice and AbiWord are fine in short bursts (they're certainly not better than MS word though).

Spare Ed
Question Author
Thanks for help. Will try these and see what happens !

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