Second hand sky + installation

I have been given a second hand sky+ box and currently subscribe to sky world package with the basic pace box , i know i will not have to pay a sky+ subsciption due to having the full package,,,,,
1..Do i need to have sky fit it it is quite easy to do
2..Does sky need to do technical stuff to enable me to use the sky+ box i have been given...or is it just plug and play

I have been quoted �159 by sky to buy and fit a new box , with the cost of fitting �60
03:36 Sun 11th Mar 2007
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A sky+ box has TWO cables going in to it instead of the usual one, so it has to have a new LNB at the dish end to feed these two cables.

It has 2 cables so you can record one program while watching another (or record 2 programs at the same time)

I THINK you also need a new Sky card which the engineer needs to configure when they arrive.

I may be wrong, but I think you need to get sky to do it all.
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Thanks for your reply vhg,
I will contact sky re them fitting the box i have been hopefully wont cost as much

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