message from orange

Says they are making important changes which will affect my currant plan from May 1st, As I am here in Spain I cannot pop into the shop but cannot access the link from computer
. I am payg. Any idea as to what this is all about?
08:10 Fri 30th Mar 2012
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I, too, got a text from them yesterday but haven't bothered my shirt about it. I'm PAYG too. I'll have a shifty and come back to you Neti.
i got one too, but haven't looked to see what it's all about.
Question Author
Thanks, it's just that I am going to England in May and will then have to use my Orange English phone when I arrive, once there I can sort it.
Thanks Factor, yes, that link works

All I got was, Sorry, an unexplained error has occured, please try again later.

It seems that prices are going up. Isn't that a surprise ?!!
Question Author
Thanks factor, brilliant, nothing too drastic!
I like this bit: "f you're on an animal plan and top up by £15, we'll now double your rewards"

Do they stipulate which kind of animal?
Can humans join this plan as well?

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