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My lovely old LaCie external gave up the ghost the other night. I used it for my Time Machine backups for 3 macs, so lost a lot of pics, music and docs. Before that I had been using an Iomega 2tb network drive over our wireless network. The LaCie was about 6 years old and really only a backup-backup drive. Can anyone suggest a really good network drive that I can plug into my router which will work with time machine. Time capsule sounds great, but is still quite pricey at the moment when there are so many cheaper alternatives.

No idea what happen to the Iomaga but have a strong suspicion that one of my lovely children knocked it off the stand, as the wires were bent out and it started rattling for no reason
23:36 Thu 10th Nov 2011
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"when there are so many cheaper alternatives."

there may not be at the moment, nows a bad time to be looking to buy hard drive.There's a big hard drive shortage at the moment (several of the main factories where under a couple of meters of water last week) which is expected to last several months so hard drive prices are about triple what they were a few weeks ago.

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