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Can anyone please recommend genuinely free (and safe) software to "speed up" a computer? Several ones I've looked at may be "free" to download, but not actually to use. Many thanks in anticipation.
12:45 Wed 19th Oct 2011
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Don't use any of them, everything they do you can do yourself without paying extra or having unnecessary software. In some cases they can mess up your system completely.
Is this a desktop or a laptop?

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to "speed up" a computer is to add more RAM.
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Laptop. Already has 4GB ...
You can do most of the stuff yourself and set up your computer to work how you want it. Most of the 'speed up' software is pretty basic anyway.

What O/S you using?
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Advanced System Care will clean up a lot of clutter and your reg. The free versions is brilliant but the paid version has more features obviously.

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