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I currently have O2 pay as you go mobile phone. Due to a move to the North East TS12 I plan to upgrade and would like to know the best provider for that area. Is there any way of checking? My present landline/broadband provider is TalkTalk but at the new location I will not have a landline so will rely on mobile phone. Does anyone know if TT mobile is OK for that area?
05:26 Sun 18th Sep 2011
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Why dont you look for yourself?
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Not very clued up on mobile phones - I have looked at the TT website but I can't find a reference as to whether or not they have good coverage for that area. I was just hoping someone would know the best providers for that area.
I would keep off Talk Talk and Virgin.
I'm with Everhelpful
I wouldnt touch TalkTalk with a barge pole.
No experience of Virgin mobile although they are our ISP

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