gas hob to fit with a single electric oven

Wanting to buy a single electric oven (in particular the Electrolux Intuition EOB53000X), but I've read a review from someone who said it wouldn't 'fit' with the gas hob she bought, saying the fitter was unable to push the oven far enough back due to the gas pipe for the hob). I am really concerned about this as its a lot of money to spend, to find out one or other of your pieces of equipment is useless. Then I would have the stress of quickly trying to find one that does physically fit, and falls into our quite small budget. How do I ensure that the hob I choose, will be compatible with the oven? Cost is a real issue, as our overall budget (to include a chimney extractor) is only £500.
11:23 Mon 29th Aug 2011
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I don't know if this helps at all, but when we were looking at electric ovens and gas hobs, we went to B&Q and spoke to a member of staff there, who was able to advise us - we have a Zanussi electic oven (and grill) and a Belling gas hob, both purchased about 7 years ago, and they have been very good (once I got the hang of cooking with a fan oven!)
That sounds much more like a problem with that person`s housing/worktop dimensions than the oven. If your worktop is the regular size and depth, I wouldn`t think there would be any problems.
Sorry, I meant height and depth

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