Looking for a new phone...

17 Year old lad.

Just signed up with the o2 simplicity deal.

Got around �150 tops to play with.

-Good camera, good memory for storing and playing music, video and pictures.
- Bluetooth.
- USB connection.

Not really fussed as to the make. So long as it's not a touch screen and as long as the keypad can be used with ease for texting.

Regards Joseph.
15:03 Sat 04th Oct 2008
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good grief !
when I was 17 �150 was a mortgage .... and you could still get 10 pints, a plate of tripe and 10 woodbines with the change

go to google shopping
enter "sim free mobile phone"
in the bit on the bottom enter your price range

http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=sim+free+mo bile+phone&btnG=Search+Products&hl=en-GB&show= dd&lnk=pruser&hl=en-GB&price1=100&price2=150&b tnP=Go


Only 1 answer

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