Disc drive won't work

Hi all again, managed to get the drive open, but it still doesn't work. How do you take the top cover off, since I can't see any retaining screws (it's an old Compac PC)
08:36 Thu 22nd Mar 2012
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If the drive is that bad it isn't worth repairing, they aren't expensive, and so no point in opening it.

If you wish to open it to play and learn, then fine. But your solution is to buy & fit a replacement drive.
You would need to open the computer, it is fitted from the inside but OG is correct. To be really easy buying an external usb drive would do the trick and no mechanics involved.
Is the PC an old Compaq that was the flat shape or is it a tower case?
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I'm quite happy to buy a new drive, and put it in the computer, but how do I get the cover off? I had a go last night and couldn't see anything obvious to unscrew.
There will either be screws on the rear around the edges, or if not the front panel possibly pops off and the screws for the case will be around the front edge behind the front panel.
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It's a flat shape
If it is the old style flat case then I seem to remember there will be screws on the back. I think the top and sides are one piece. Those old Compaqs were built like tanks.
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