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I've been having a little trouble with Firefox so I reinstalled it (on XP) but I seem to have lost some icons, i.e. Print,Page, Tools etc.altho' they are still on IE. How can I get them back please? Also I installed Delicious which I don't like, but I also have an icon on the right hand side of Firefox which is 'Bookmarks' with a little star. If I uninstall Delicious is there any danger I will lose all my bookmarks too? TIA rosy
17:07 Tue 22nd Nov 2011
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Open Firefox ..
R Click in free space of menu bar .. Customise ..
Now you can add things from the window .. by dragging to position .. sort layout (by dragging) and divide groups by dragging/positioning divider lines or flexible space.

You can uninstall Delicious .. it will only remove it's bits in Firefox .. not the whole Bookmarks folder .. that is always there. I keep bookmarks far left above bookmarks panel.
Question Author
well whaddya know, easy when you know how, I enjoyed doing that, thanks very much Al, rosy
No worries Rosy Posy : ) x

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