Ireland/France - 3pm today

Just a nudge in case anyone had missed the date for the re-arranged fixture - on BBC1 @ 2:45

Should be good fun - a guess (hope) for about 20-16 to the Greens ?
13:49 Sun 04th Mar 2012
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I"ve got some paint to watch dry,thanks all the same..
We've got the beers in, nibble's resting his knee with a hot cat on it, we're ready!
I'll be watching it on the lappy but should have a telly by the England game next week.
France are favourite but I'm hoping for 25 - 12 to Ireland
on course to meet WyeDyed's prediction so far
17 - 6 at half time, Ireland dominating.
C'mon Ireland!
Ireland a trifle lucky to have 15 men on the field, though
So who bet on a draw then?
17 all. Ireland making too many handling errors in the second half but defending well.
pretty sloppy on both sides, so I suppose the result was fair. Not just because of the rain, either.
Question Author
Refereeing didn't look too special either - not biased (the errors probably balanced out) - just a bit lax/random sometimes ...
fun to watch though....hope Z's paint has dried and is not tacky.

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