Pick Me Up Issue 36

Need help please.
11a stated with certaintity (10) ??????t?e?
15a jubilee festive even (6,5) ?t???????t?
9d Crdoned (off) (11) ???t???o?b?
16d senior officers assistant (8) ??b?e?n?
3d savoury dish made from rice and fish (8) ?e???r??

11:53 Sat 31st Aug 2013
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3d Kedgeree
guaranteed/street party/partitioned/adjutant/kedgeree
3d kedgeree
street party
16 adjutant (check your letters)
11 guaranteed
15 street party
9 partitioned
16 adjutant
3 kedgeree
Question Author
Can you help with edile seed used for flavouring (7) ?e?a?e

Question Author
Thanks everyone


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