games and pastimes

find the missing letters to these games and pastimes
1. -O--O-/--E/-EA-E-
2. -U--/--E/--I---E
3. -I--/U-/--I---
4. --I----/-I---
5. -E---U--
6. -A--/--A--E
20:57 Mon 12th Mar 2012
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1 follow the leader
3 pick up sticks
2 Hunt The Thimble
2 jump the ??
nice 1 douglas : )
could 5 be kerplunk.
looks good bunnetjim
what about last chance for 6. its a board game.
6 cats cradle ?
2 Hunt the thimble
spot on fibonacci : )
Sorry I've just noticed someone beat me to no. 2
Question Author
thanks all once again much appreciated

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