8d Supporter gets watery smile - good for a baby (8,4)
???t?i?? / ?i?y
19d Books conclusion darker, having more twists (7)
17d Too bad it's about drink they make so much noise (7)
24a A famous person losing track, being abrasive (7)
22d Landing-place for German leader elevated in France (5)

Thanks in advance - and a happy new year

00:01 Wed 01st Jan 2014
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19d] bendier?
17d Alarums
17d ala rum s ?
tee thin grin g
24 alumina(ry)
22d ghaut
Question Author
Thanks to you all
19d. kinkier rather than bendier

And why alumina for 24a?
Alumina parsed by Calibax ^^^^

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