Everyman 3413

Last one....26a...Note from voice on radio.
I think this must be TENNER...£10 note, Tenor voice but where does radio come in ?
18:43 Sun 04th Mar 2012
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tenner (note) sounds like ('voice on radio') 'tenor'
Sorry - Tenner is a note. On The Radio suggests Sounds Like>
Please ignore my previous post ;0)
'on the radio' is used by setters as an indicator for a 'sounds like' clue.
Question Author
WyeDyed.....is tghere such a word as TENNOR ?
Question Author
Thanks K...I think I used to know that but I guess I must have forgot !
That's it Mikey, kick a man while he's down ;0)
Question Author
WyeDyed....I can assure you I meant no disrespect ! I just wanted to get it right before posting.

Thanks for your help...always welcome.
None taken, was only joking :0)

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