Hard of Hearing

An elderly gentleman had had serious hearing problems for years.

His doctor sent him to be fitted with the latest high-tech invisible hearing aids.

When he went back to his doctor for a checkup, his hearing was 100% restored. The doctor said 'Your family must be pleased.'

'Oh no',replied the elderly gent.'I haven't told them, I just sit around and listen to what they say about me. I've already changed my will three times.....'
14:17 Wed 22nd Feb 2012
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Just like my Mum!!!
Reminds me of another elderly gent who had a similar problem -
He walked into his doctors and said Doc "I've got a hearing problem?"
The doctor said can you describe the symptoms, and he replied "Yes Marge has got blue hair and Homer's a fat basket!"
lol.............my nan was just the same.
My sister-in-law was deaf and went to have new up-to-the-minute hearing aids fitted. Her kids were quite surprised when she gave them a slap for talking back at her and swearing - they had not realised that she could now hear what they were saying!

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