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just watching Ed Milliband versus Cameron and Milliband is being battered by the PM. Regardless of politics and leanings, this guy is not up to the job!!!
13:20 Wed 08th Feb 2012
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...what,and Cameron is..?.. lol
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oh don't get me wrong, don't trust any of them but that performance was toe curlingly awful!!!!
Ed Milliband is certainly not the force of personality needed to lead the opposition party. I can't see him holding the position for terribly long, however.
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Quite so jack - bring on Yvette Cooper - about the only current opposition front-bencher that I'd pay in buttons ...
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that's the one redhelen!!!
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don't normally take that much notice, but saw him today and crikey it's no contest.

I normally take Billy Connolly's view of politicians....'don't vote, it only encourages them'!!!!
i'm afraid in the end regardless of politics, looks/youth and charisma seem to be more improtant traits (think blair, obama, cameron, sarkozy). And as shallow as it sounds, milliband only has one of those three traits (plus a great big disadvantage in that voice). However, all current party leaders have pretty punchable faces IMO)
Menzies campbell would have made a better leader than clegg imo, but is seen as too old; david davis would possibly have been better than cameron, but again too old. I couldn't imagine churchill getting in now
The Millibands in The Wrong Trousers

Why on earth he was picked as Labour leader I'll never know !

My personal fave...but yours is very cute too,Gromit.. ;-)
He looks about 12 and has the personality of a bog brush.
No, he isn't up to the job of being leader simply because he doesn't come across as a man in charge, he comes across as a back-room boy who has suddenly been put in the spotlight. He doesn't his points across clearly. Clarity of expression is vital in the job, because it suggests clarity of thought and purpose.
'Charisma' is not vital, nor is good looks, but looking and being confident, clear and decisive is. I'm sure he's very good in committees, but a good committee man (or anyone who thinks they achieve anything efficiently!) is not the ideal leader. Even Clem Attlee, who looked a modest, uncharismatic, man, was decisive in manoeuvering, to his own way, the otherwise warring, powerful, factions in his own party, and with great skill; the Emperor Claudius of British politics!
Labour have a decision to make about whether to ditch him before or immediately after the next election.
He's so obviously pathetic that I wonder if his election was fixed somehow?

If Labour have a plan, it could be to leave him there until a few months before the election, then bring back his big brother, who will look good by comparison.

Labour can't do much at the moment, anyway, as they have no real alternative policy.

Would any Labour supporters care to confirm or deny?
Ed Miliband trying to attack David Cameron reminds me of that scathing comment from Dennis Healey about Geoffrey Howe in 1978.

Healey claimed an attack from Howe was "like being savaged by a dead sheep".
ummm...deja vu! ;-)
that's unfair to bog brushes, Zac.

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