London Boulevard soundtrack?

Does anyone now the artist,or song title of the opening song from this film,it also is played at the end of the film too,or a track listing from the soundtrack would be nice,cant seem to find it,or even if its available,any help would be appreciated......ta
07:50 Sat 04th Dec 2010
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Sergio Pizzorno (of Kasabian) has written the filmscore and provided vocals for some of the tracks featured on the soundtrack.

The Rolling Stones. Bob Dylan and The Yardbirds also feature in the soundtrack.
The Yardbirds ‘Heart Full Of Soul’ plays over the opening credits as well as the closing credits and halfway through the film.
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cheers nice one ;-)
hey man, its remake from "Jeff Beck-Heart full of soul"
Hey man,
I found out for u. Its remake from "Jeff Beck-Heart full of soul"

You're welcome...
This is it i think..:)
here u go..
The first song of the movie is call "Heart full of soul" and the group is the Yardbirds.
The title of the first song is"Heart full of soul" and the group is the Yardbirds.

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