Car lights

An unusual question maybe.

As most modern car lights get more technologically advanced over time with use of LED and the like...Has anyone got any favourite examples of car lights they may have seen and thought they are a really good idea?

I remember the first time I saw the use of the 'angel eyes' on BMW's and thought they were really good.
20:06 Wed 17th Jun 2009
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I remember seeing the Audi LED's and thinking they look like they belong on a Christmas tree!

Still the driver looked so pleased with himself! - Bless!
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The Audi LED's at the front of the new ones remind me of eye liner, they are very bright too for 'side lights'.
they are not side lights,its what they call running lights,and on my opinion they are the best looking,although the bmw angel eye lights are good looking too as long as they are new,the older (first) ones were too dim and a bit yellowy for my liking

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