Help! Corsa Clutch question...

My clutch on my Corsa needs replacing as I can't change into reverse without it grinding and when I get stuck in traffic I have to ram the gearstick into place.

Apparently my '96 Corsa has a more difficult clutch to replace. I was quoted anywhere between �100 and �300, as it depends on how easy it is to get to. He's now come back and said it'll cost �350. This seems really high for a clutch. Is this right??!
12:35 Tue 07th Nov 2006
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Yeah it is if its just the clutch i would pay more than�130.00 but what you describe doesnt sound like just a clutch
Sorry not pay more than �130.00
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I'm going to phone him back to get some more info! Watch this space!
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OK - it's the clutch 3 piece - the centre plate, pressure plate and thrustbearing. Apparently all three get changed at the same time (?)

Could this then be worth �350?!
Im no expert like some of the guys on here but id say no its not
�350 !!!!! That is a crazy price for fitting a clutch in a Corsa - there is nothing difficult about replacing a clutch assembly on a 96 Corsa. Boro1986 is bang on with 'no more than �130'. The guy is just chancing his arm - don't go near him and tell your friends likewise.
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Too late. It's being done as we speak. I suspect it's so much because of the labour (as it's hidden underneath) and I live in London? That could tip it over the �300 mark though couldn't it
Have you checked that it is not the adjustment that needs looking at. I think there is an adjustment option on cable at the release arm end. Adjustment is a two minute job !
My 03 Corsa had this problem and it is was the gear linkage which needed replacing. It got progressively more difficult to get into gear until I couldn't even get it into 1st.
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And how much did you pay for it Lily?
Clutch kit from Vauxhall - �99 - cost of replacement - �80 at a local mechanic - didn't even have to drop the gearbox on it and took him about 3/4 hr.
Seems to me your getting ripped off - ouch !!
It was still under warranty, so I do not know how much it cost to repair.
Heres a tip to save blowing your gearbox when going into reverse with a worn clutch turn engine off put it into reverse then start it up with your foot on the clutch other wise say bye bye to your gearbox

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