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I live in London, I am 51 years old, 10 years no claims discount but my premium is still really high. I drive a Vauxhaul Zafira 1.8.

I have tried all the comparison sites and they are all putting my premium in excess of £500. Is it worth going to a private broker?


14:17 Wed 29th Feb 2012
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Nothing to lose by trying a broker. One of the draw backs of living in London is high insurance: my premium doubled when I moved there.
Part of the problem could be the part of London you are living in; if your borough/postcode has a high incidence of motor vehicle crime that could load the premium.
I always bite the bullet and sit by the phone for an hour or two and talk to companies direct, I simply don't believe the comparison sites.
you are over 50 -try saga -we've saved lots of money on car and home insurance since changing
Whilst not doubting what Kristal says about her experience, my own experience of Saga (and that of some others I have asked) is that they are relatively expensive compared to average and they over-rely on their 'over 50s' badge to try and sell to people who are generally less inclined to shop around. That is why they are able to report that 'X made a saving of megabucks by swapping to us'.
It can't do any harm, try your local Swinton aswell.
swinton quoted me 285 renewal on house insurance -got it for 138 from Saga. Swinton quoted me 450 renewal on a nissan micra and we live in a rural area good postcode -got it at Saga for 320. Disagree with the fact over 50's are less likely to shop around - thats ageist! ;-)
kilkenny this page might help :

Have you tried LV ? They are highly thought of - and very competitive.
Most of us oldies have more time to shop around, and I certainly do.
I've been with LV for a few years now. Last year my premium "increased" to £214.00 for Fully Comp on a Renault Scenic 1.6. Renewal due in April, I await with anticipation.
Quite a few insurance companies now seem to be moving to automatic renewal (if you don't ring them) and increasing the premium over the odds in the hope that you can't be bothered to ring and cancel.
If you can find a cheaper competitor on line then ring and tell the original insurer and they'll soon lower the price to keep you.
Incidentally, I use L.V. also.
I received my renewal today from LV. It was £188.18. Last year it was £214.00.
The cover is exactly the same.

That's the first time my insurance has gone down with the same company on renewal.

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