forgot mot

somehow i had in my mind that our mot was due later this year,now i've found it,it was due in march! What does this mean? Of course i'll take it to get mot'd asap,will i get in trouble?
15:32 Sun 17th Jun 2007
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Similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago my advice would be get the new MOT asap and all should be ok as long as you've not been stopped by the law. If you have be honest and produce the new MOT cert. Hope this helps :)
As long as you're not stopped by the police before you get it tested you should be fine. They can find out if a vehicle isn't tested through their roadside checks or if you get stopped for any reason as the MOT system has been fully computerised for some time now.
If you pre-book an appointment for your MOT test, even though you can still be prosecuted for any defects the police might find if you are stopped on the way to the testing station, they won't prosecute you for not having a test certificate.
When you get your new certificate, there is a peel off sticker at the bottom with the expiry date printed on it. Pop that inside your windscreen next to your tax disc as a reminder.
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Thanks for the replies,first time i've ever forgot something like that! Booking it in tomorrow,i have a new question,should i go for one of these offers i've seen,mot for �19.99? Or am i going to get hit with 'work' to be done to the car,to make up the money? Am i being paranoid?
In an ideal world it shouldn't matter where you take your car for an MOT, the rules are the same wherever you take it.
However it's not like that in reality.
Our MOT's are �34.99 and I'm confident that they're as good/fair as the station down the road who charge �50.35. We don't make up fails to get the extra work it's not in our best interest, you never know whose car you're testing, could be the man from VOSA, but unfortunately there are some garages who tend to be a bit over the top.

You could always ask your local trading standards office if they could recommend somewhere.
With the new computorised MOTs it is a lot harder for garages to lie about the tests to get extra work as a lot of faults coming from one garage will be picked up by VOSA and the garage will soon be inspected by VOSA so use the cheap one.

Perhaps that's what rojam means by "it's not in our best interest" :-)

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