Who Do You Think You Are

Tonight was Larry Lamb, very interesting, I think that was the best one yet.
22:20 Wed 31st Aug 2011
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yes pips, I enjoyed it too!.........very interesting!................
I thought it was marvellous, and was quite choked up at the end..............it's a shame they couldn't find out what happened to his grandfather.
I thought it was the best yet, so interesting, and he came over as such a nice person. It reassured me to think that with all their researchers and material at their disposal, they too hit brick walls and can't find people!
I enjoyed it too, didn't think I would but caught the repeat last night. Always loved Larry as Mick in Gavin & Stacey. I enjoyed J K Rowling as well.
Watched about three quarters of it pips ... missed the ending of it ... I'll have to catch up. Travelling menagerie! :0)
I agree, his was a lovely story. I wonder if his mum finally met up with her brother in America.

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