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Is Tayler Marshall (Kenzo) the son of Kris Marshall's son? There is a resemblance.
19:21 Sat 18th Jun 2011
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Are you sure that's what you meant to say ?
Question Author
No, I have phrased that wrong. Thank you for pointing it out. I meant to ask if Tayler was Kris Marshall's son.
I've had a look about......and can't see anything that says that he is...........but I've not found anything else to say he isn't.

Not as funny since Kris Marshall left.
Question Author
Hi jackthehat and cupid04, many thanks for looking. I agree it is running out of steam and is not as funny since Kris Marshall left.
what's happened to Michael [Mikey]?
Question Author
Michael has left home and is living with his gay partner
I`ve often wondered why Chris Marshall left the best show on TV, anyone know?
According to Wikipedia it was quite simply because he felt to old to play the role of Nick.

I'd love to see him and Robert Lindsay work together again, because I always felt they made the most hilarious double act.

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