last inside men

What a chronic ending!
01:14 Fri 24th Feb 2012
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I agree chrisgal, completely baffling and wish I had not kept watching the past 4 weeks!

Im still confused who got away and who got caught?
So it was persistent or long-lasting then ?

Didn't see/hear it myself so couldn't comment on its quality I'm afraid.

[all right, I'll get my coat]
Was the end cr?p, have got it taped, thought it had been good these few weeks, just waiting for the grand ending.
Must agree, dreadful end to an otherwise fairly enjoyable story, just a bl--dy awful way to end.
I agree with all of the above, very disappointing end. Oh well!
Glad I saw this. I have recorded all episodes but so far haven't had a chance to watch any - I was going to do a marathon when I had a spare afternoon.

In light of what has been said, I'll just erase the lot now unseen.
I too had loved the series, but the very end didn't make any sense to me, I'm not sure what was suppose to be going on.
It's a shame, it had been a great series up until then.
terrible ending to a great mini series
I agree, I was very disappointed.
Hmmmmmm.......initially I was disappointed with the ending but having mulled it over I can see that it was in-keeping with the story-line.
Although, I think a more dramatic ending would have left me feeling more satisfied for my 'investment' of time and concentration.
I'm really disappointed at the ending - it seems like they didn't know how to end it, and I found all their tooing and fro-ing between months confusing as well. However, I'm looking forward to going to ITV player and watching the Trevor Eve - kidnap thing this afternoon.
I really enjoyed it.
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well, i think everyone's done really well to not say actually what happened (for those who haven't seen it yet)!
Hubby says they've done it that way so they can do a second series.
i do feel cheated though.
yeah, I totally didn't "get" the end either.
Just seen this thread and agree with everybody. The ending was rubbish after watching for 4 weeks!
Is there a possibility that the writer was found dead at his keyboard and a cat had been walking over the keys for hours?
On second thoughts, that result might have been better.

Of course it coul just be art and we've all missed it. :P
Well I suppose it was a different ending, normally there is only two possible outcomes to a robbery drama, so the fact that they found a third way was at least unusual imo.

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