Can I buy a Sky+ box......

.......and just set it up with my basic Sky connection? Or do I have to subscribe to a different package with Sky?
14:42 Sat 29th Oct 2011
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You can but you won't get any of the Sky+ features unless you subscribe to the Sky+
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I basically want it for recording some programmes that are on too late for me to watch. (including series) Could I not do that?
I don't think you can, if you have certain packages with Sky then you will get the Sky+ option free I think. Ring them and ask.
U need a second cable to ur dish for sky+ xx
i have recordable freeview and have to pay nothing more! it works great (though i don't get the exclusive sky channels obviously)!
Forgot about that Tinkerbelle. I wonder if you could just buy a hard drive recorder and just record the programmes, don't know if that would work
we got a sky + box off e bay a few weeks ago and all we had to do was get an aerial man to put another lead from the sky dish then phoned sky to tell them and within a few minutes we had sky+ up and running , could not be without it now its brilliant, the only downside is that you cant record a one off programme more than a week in advance but there is a way round that.just check that your sky dish isnt too old otherwise you might have to get a new one that has more than one aerial connection.
Sky+ recordings require a valid subscription. Even people who've recorded programmes while they've had such a subscription find that those recordings are no longer available to them once their subscription has lapsed.

Any recording device (from an old VHS recorder, through to DVD recorders and PVRs) should be able to record the output of a standard Sky box if you set the recording device to record from an external source.
As already mentioned, you need two cables for sky plus, which means you'll need an engineer round to install it for you.
Check the Sky website ( as they have offers on upgrading your box, which may work out free for you, depending on what box you have at the moment.
If you have a standard Sky box now, you can get the sky plus box for free, with an installation cost of £60. If you get the Sky plus HD box, then you also get it for free, and installation is free too. The only thing you have with that, is it's £10.25 per month extra, for the HD package... but I guess you could cancel that after they've fit the box.
sky have stopped supplying sky+ boxes you can only get sky+hd from them now

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