dog in the car

Anybody give me the law on your dog being in the car.

My little dog likes to look out the front window and then when he gets fed up he sits down for a minute or so then he jumped into the back where he is contented. My sister tells me I will get into trouble with the police because he unretrained and I will get points of my licence. Can anybody tell me the right way of it
10:28 Wed 13th Feb 2008
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I have never heard of any laws on restraining dogs in cars.
I must admit on occasions I have travelled with my little dog on the front seat, but for her own safety, and everybody else's in the car, she is usually in the back of my hatchback behind a dog grate.

Little dogs can be catapulted very easily in even a minor collision.
I should add that the dog is very indignant when she has to travel in the back. Sitting in the front looking out the front window is much more to her liking.
Me again, sorry. I just found this as you actually got me thinking about the legal aspects of it: =20080201064728AA5kRQw
Hi, I have just read this on Pet Planet. gcarsafety.htm
There should be a law to prevent dogs from travelling unrestrained. My neighbour regularly takes her three (yes three!) dogs in the car with her. They just jump about all over the place and if the smaller of the three gets scared she goes under the driver's feet! In my eyes it's an accident waiting to happen! I've tried to tell her, but I may as well bang my head against a brick wall.
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Hi everybody - bought my dog a restraint after having him for 4 years - I have given him a bit of leeway but I guess I probably will use it on long journeys.
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I know it's hard, but try to get into the habit of putting him in on every journey. Anything can happen at any time. He will get used to it, even if he looks sad and turns on those puppy dog eyes. Can you use it in the front seat as a compromise?
Just think of how you will feel if anything happens to him.
If you were involved in an accident and you had an unrestrained dog in the car the following things will happen:

1. The dog will get hurt, possibly fatally hurt

2. The dog becomes an unguided missile travelling at the same speed the car was when the accident happened thus hurting, (again possibly fatally hurting) someone else

Please for common sense sake, if you insist on travelling with a dog keep it in the back of your car, and restrained
4GS. Would not the front of the car be OK. I am not disputing what you say. New born babies can travel in the front of a car as long as their carrier is restrained, so why not dogs in a harness?

My own dog travels behind a dog guard as the back of my car is too small for a crate.

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