proof of purchase??

hi there, i bought a nikon camera last christmas, which suddennly stopped workin a few weeks ago. the store says they can do nothin with out the receipt. i was able to produce my credt card statement with the date, time price - all details on it. but they say they still need the actual receipt before they can send it away to be fixed and i just can't find it!!
is a credit card statement not legally proof of purchase?
aren't they being awkward?
any advice?
18:09 Sun 24th Sep 2006
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Your rights still apply even though you do not have your receipt as other forms of proof of purchase are acceptable (in fact traders do not have to give you a receipt).

Go back to the store and tell them that you have proof of purchase and would like them to deal with the issue. If they won't ask to speak to someone more senior and if that doesn't work ask for the details of their had office/complaints procedure and use it.

Try these for some advice...
I had excatly the same problem with HMV, the screen on my ipod nano broke after 10 months went back to the store with my bank statement and he said that means nothing you could of purchased anything which was fair enough but I asked if there was a way he could bring up the transaction on the system because you can where I work and he said no we don't save transactions and anyway you need a receipt, I contacted HMV head office and within 30 seconds I had given the lady my card number and date of purchase and she had the transaction on screen. I got told to go back into the store with this ladys name and tell the store manager to contact her and she would verify the transaction his face was a picture when I went back the next day and he then had to exchange my nano. I would definatley give the stores head office a ring you've got nothing to lose.

Good Luck
Question Author
thanks a lot guys.
gonna go in there and kick some ass today!!
A bank statement or credit card statement is as good as a receipt in this case. I wouldn't try it myself but even telling someone in the shop which till the sale was put through and which date and time it was is supposedly sufficient.

The thing about not detailing or saving transactions is rubbish as well - stores are required by law to save them and keep them for a number of years.

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