How do I find out if/when a trial happens

I've been following a story re a fatal road accident in Feb of last year; after magistrate hearings it was stated in the papers that it would go to trial in Feb of this year. The person has been charged and is due trial, but it's been put off & put off - other than the papers, is there any other way I can find out when this trial is? I don't want to attend, I just want to know what the outcome was, as tragically a young man lost his life over what seemed to be someone else's complete wreckless driving.
15:47 Wed 07th Mar 2012
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Hi, has the case been committed to the Crown Court?
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Yes Ex, it has, it was set for something like the 20th Feb - I assume they have postponed it to a later date? Can't understand how it can take so long.
Hi meg, you can register on this site which allows free searching of Crown Court cases, pending and heard etc
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Thanks Ex.
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