getting ma laptop back

six weeks ago i asked a friend to fix ma laptop for me,ive been asking if its done yet i just keep getting told nearly,the person who is suppose to be fixing it is now ignoring me and i just want it back whether its done or not as my husband who passed away last year got it for me,i dont know what to do he has moved and i dont know his address but i know were he works,if i rang the police would theybe able to get it back for me.
10:01 Wed 07th Mar 2012
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I would speak to him where he works and give him one last chance to give it back. If he doesnt agree tell him you are going to the police.
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My son had this exact problem. He gave it to a friend, who then moved 300 miles without telling him. It took 6 months of asking, and all he got was every excuse under the sun. In the end I emailed him and said that if he didnt return it within a week then I was contacting the police. He posted it straight back, and after all that it wasnt even repaired!
This is the problem of dealing with friends, or perhaps, soon to be, ex-friends.
You will probably not want to use a civil law remedy, which would be difficult in the circumstances you describe. I think the best you can do is to write by recorded delivery and ask for the return of you goods, repaired of not, within say 14 days, if repaired offer to pay.

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