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Not sure if this is the right subject to post this under but lets give it a go.

The school behind my house has just built a new sports hall directly behind my garden - its an eye-sore but i'm willing to put up with it. The thing is they have now put up what seem like 1million watt floodlights all around it that shine right into my house, and in particular my bedroom. They are on all night long and even with my blackout blind they are still a nuiscance.

My question is do i contact the school, the council or someone else to complain, and do i stand a chance in them doing anything about it??

15:31 Tue 23rd Jun 2009
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Lighting of this type normally requires Planning Consent. I would start there (the Development Control department of your local council, sometimes known as the Planning Department).
If it was part of the original planning permission that was granted, then its possibly going to be a bit difficult to get it changed now - though they may be able to shield the direct shining at you from the bulbs in some way.
Surely, you objected when you saw the plans?
Question Author
The plans had already been sent round before we'd moved in so we never saw them (and the previous owners conveniently forgot to tell us about it!)

Thanks for the advice though buildersmate!
you can actually take legal action against the previous owners of your home and also against your solicitor, it is something that should have come out in the sale process
I would have thought that the Local Search should have shown up this impending development - that's what local searches are for.
As a second line of attack, you could ask your solicitor who assisted with the purchase why it didn't show up.

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