what is copy typing?

is it just typing up things that have been written down?
15:44 Tue 07th Feb 2006
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Yes. It could be typing that someone else has previously done. Something that someone has handwritten.

You just literally copy things that you see. Sometimes you may have to put it into a nicer format than the original.

Yes, but it's usually taken to mean being able to type without looking at the keyboard; it's a measure/definition of competence.
100 wpm is usually the minimum requirement though

It can mean translating rough written notes into a smart letter. The term is used to distinguish from audio typing, where a letter is recorded for a typist to type.

Touch typing is where you don't look at the keys.

nfn, please don't take offence if I correct you. I think you may be confusing the speed with shorthand - 100 wpm is a reasonable amount for shorthand but for typing 100 wpm is very fast. A good copy typing speed for most people would be around 50 wpm.

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