N95 or the P1i

i wanted to buy a new mobile phone wats the best phone at the moment? n which 1 is better the sony ericsson P1i or the Nokia N95? pls help..
16:20 Tue 29th Jan 2008
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GSM Arena website. Reviews on there!
It rather depends what features you value most.
If it switches on when you press the on switch, thats good , if you press the numbers to call someone and it works ,thats good , if its cheap to make calls, thats good,if it rings when someone calls you that can be good to sometimes, what more do you require??
Sony Ericsson 901i (just a personal opinion).
ive just got teh n95 and it good, has a very good write up about it

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Hey ppl! how r u? i wanted to buy a new mobile phone, do u guys have any ideas? n also i am confused between the sony ericsson P1i and the N95, which 1 is better overall? Thanx.

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