Cracked artex ceiling

I accidentally cracked approx 4inches of my artex ceiling and really do not want to have to pay for the whole things to be done again. Any ideas on what i can do to patch it up please.
23:02 Tue 18th Apr 2006
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Hello wickedtart, I am a Decorator, if the artex ceiling has a stippled finish it shouldn't be to difficult to repair it, you could try plaster or something like polifilla, you would mix it with water so that it is so that is about is as creamy as slightly runny porridge,apply is thickly to the damaged area and then use a cheap small (about 4x3 inches) stippler available from diy or decorators merchants, you dab (ie. stipple) the wet plaster with the tool , if it is too spickey or flat scrape it off and mix a bit more,either thicker or thinner and repeatwhen totally dry repaint the ceiling or try to touch up just the repaied area, best of lick, Pete.
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hi Mr decorator, the pattern is broken leather, thought of using the stuff u put in holes via a tube (putting it just under the crack with a paint brush and pressing it to the ceiling, would this suffice. Thank you
I think what you are saying is that the surface of the 'broken leather' artex is all still there - it is just cracked apart a bit, and pushed out of shape. If that is so, I would tend to agree that your suggested repair is a good bet. I'd use something like Gripfilla or similar branded product (gap filling adhesive) into the crack then push the edges back into line which will presumably close up the crack? You can emulsion over Gripfilla-type products. 'Broken leather' is created by a pattern on a roller and not something you could easily seek to recreate - even if you are artistic.

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