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I am starting to decorate a child's bedroom. Can anyone give me any hints as to how to get rid of fresh paint smells. thanks
15:39 Sun 05th Feb 2006
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  • Plenty of open windows if you can bear the cold at this time of the year.

  • Air fresheners (but not the PLUG IN type which are dangerous as they can cause fires.

  • Aromatic oil burning containers (the type which you use with a tea light candle). Lavender oil is particularly good for removing smells such as paint and the smell of cooking fish.
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thanks wendys i will keep this in mind
i chop onions up and place them in bowls around the room, it always seems to do the trick for me, hope it works for you.
allotment10's answer is the traditional way and it works!
A bowl of milk in the room works too. This absorbs the odours, but the milk is not fit for use after, so watch the cats.
If you talking about gloss, you can now buy it odour free, i used it once i will use it again
I have heard the vinegar in a bowl works, also try scented candles when you are painting and keep an eye on them when you have left the room. They seem to help with a smoky room too.

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