Poly tunnels.

What are peoples experiences of growing tomatoes in a poly tunnel?
Is a greenhouse a better bet?
17:37 Mon 27th Feb 2012
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Have to be a big Poly Tunnel, one that you can walk through.My greenhouse serves the purpose admirably and I can control the heat by opening/closing windows and door.
I have a poly tunnel (which i heat during the germination process). I was loused out with tomatoes last year. Would have had more were it not for the fact that my chickens ate them......
And I've done both (greenhouse and polytunnel). No significant difference in yield.
Barmaid, bet the eggs tasted nice !.
Shouldn't be much difference...as long as you can provide heat, humidity and ventilation, toms and cues will love it.
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Thanks for your answers. Poly tunnel it is then. I've seen one on ebay for about £60-00... much cheaper than a greenhouse & it's got to go on my allotment. So it'll be cheaper to replace when the scrap men nick it!
A polytunnel is just great for tomatoes. You will need a blower to keep down condensation. If you need to open doors, netting will keep the blackbirds away.

Tips on growing tomatoes http://advancednutrie...healthier-tastier.php

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