Memory loss .

I have a tree which has buddlia type flowers in the spring but I've fogotten its name. If you prune it sends up shoots which can reach the height of the mother tree. The colour can be light to dark blue . I've waded through my books but cant find it . I know it's a simple quite common name.
Any ideas ?
20:25 Fri 12th Aug 2011
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I'm only getting Ceanothus coming to mind. Assuming its not that, is it evergreen or deciduous?
You don't mean lilac?
Ceanothus has round blooms of tiny blue blossoms, which moult everywhere when they have finished. Or is it blue mallow? - but those flowers are quite big, not like buddleia.
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Yes it is deciduous and yes I think it is Lilac. It has the similar pyramidal construction as the buddlia. I knew it was something simple . I hadn't realised it was a Syringa. Many thanks I may remember it now.

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