Where to buy shortening?

I want to make some pie pastry but the recipe requires some 'shortening'. Can I buy them in Asda? If so what brand and which section of the aisle should I look?

04:54 Wed 30th Jul 2008
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shortening is a substitute for butter or margarine. I suppose lard would do. It's solid at low temperatures and melts at high temperatures. the best brand is 'cookeen' and can be found in the fats area of dairy cabinet in the shops. It gives a crumbly texture when used as pastry.
Lard is fat from pork, Trex and Cookeen are fats from vegetables, which you might prefer as healthier options. .They'll all do the same thing in your recipes. Asda will certainly have one or the other or both.
trex or Flora White are both excellent substitutes for shortning and are both at Asda
...next to the butter/marge etc....
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Thank you all for your replies. I will make some pies this weekend :-)

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