Sponge Cake Recipe

Does anyone know the perfect recipe for a sponge cake, using a 24cm cake tin?
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14:54 Wed 20th Feb 2008
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Send me your email address and I will sort some recipes out for you - johnwoodward@gowerroad.wanadoo.co.uk
I add 1oz of custard powder (the type in a tin) in place of 1oz of flour to my sponge cakes. It gives them a lovely yellow colour and a yummy taste. Can I come for tea?
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Mmm...sounds nice. Yes you can come to tea, but can you bring the cake then? Cheers!!
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I never said I was a good cook! The last cake I made was a disaster and half ended up in the bin!
For making a sandwich cake in two 9 inch tins.

12 oz self-raising flour
12 oz soft margarine
12 oz sugar
6 medium eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Do not use vanilla flavouring, it leaves a dreadful aftertaste

Grease and then base line the andwich tins with greaseproof paper.

Oven gas mark 4 or 180 degrees elecric.

Put all cake ingredients into a mixing bowl, and mix thoroughly using electric mixer or wooden spoon. Make sure all ingedients are thoroughly combined, then divide between the tins, spread the mixture out, with a slight dip in the centre.

Bake for approx half an hour, perhaps a little longer. est by pressing carefully and gently in the centre. If the cake springs back, it is cooked. Allow to cool for five/ten minutes n the tin, thenturn out onto a cooling rack.

As a general rule:

2 ounces each of flour, marge and sugar + one medium egg + a little vanilla essence.

So, for 8 inch cake tins use 8 oz of flour, etc.

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How many inches is 24 cms?

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