Substitute for Taleggio cheese

I want to make Italian style stuffed chicken breasts with sundried tomatoes, lemon thyme and pancetta but i'm not a fan of 'stinky cheese' so I was wondering if someone could please provide me with a suitable alternative?
11:43 Thu 14th Feb 2008
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i do a dish similar to yours and i hate strong cheese too, but if you like garlic then stuff the breasts with Roule, it's divine, then all all the juices you are left with in the tray put on the gas ring add about glass of red wine and reduce down to make a wonderful little sauce. yummy
What about Lancashire?
If you want to stay with an Italian theme-I would use Mozzarella as it is quite mild. It has been a while since Ihave had tallegio-and I don't recall it being particularlly strong. in taste....certainly not like Parmesan or Dolcelate.It does have a strong aroma,tho.
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Thank you for your fantastic suggestions. I ended up going with mozzarella but i'll give your suggestion a go too My Angel Pie because that sounds gorgeous.Thanks again x

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