Recipes for the Panasonic breadmaker

I have mislaid my recipe book for this machine, and while I can whip up delicious meals with no recipe at all, I'm lost without one in bakery and confectionery.
I can just about remember the recipe for white bread, but prefer granary and wholemeal, so would be most grateful if anyone could help me out with these.
15:30 Sat 15th Dec 2007
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Hi Mairzy....

To save me typing the recipes out, here's another link for you for now:- html

If you add me to your friends over on Beta AB, I'll scan in the Panasonic recipe book next week and email a copy to you.

I have a Panasonic too, I buy the packs of mix from Tesco, just add water and put on 2 hour prog and PERFECT Granary, White etc.
I too have a Panasonic that was given to me without the recipe book and instruction book but I find that bought bread mixes work very well. I usually cook them for round about 2 hours.

Same thing just happened to me!

You can just download a replacement manual for your machine from the panasonic website: Downloads/220239/index.html#anker_220239
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Thank you all so much for your advice, I have noted all the links.
I'm afraid I must have clicked an old question by mistake, but your advice will still be helpful.

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