Curd cheese??

I'm making a baked cheesecake and am searching for curd cheese but no-one seems to stock it now! I used to be able to get it in Tescos does anyone know what I should use instead.

Many thanks for your help.
10:56 Mon 16th Jul 2007
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Here in the USA we use Philadelphia Cream Cheese to bake cheesecakes.

I found this for you:

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Hi-Ithank you very much..but I'm still confused as the quark sold in my supermarket is very low-fat and I'm not sure that it would make a good cheesecake!!
Have to crash in on this - curd cheese is similar to cream cheese but with a lower fat content.

It makes a slightly more acidic contribution to a recipe than cream cheese, and another substitute is greek yoghurt. Use it in souffles, cheesecakes, crowdie, yorkshire tart....etc

Quark is an unaged cheese mostly sold in the UK without the whey present, but some continental varieties are 'wetter' and have more of the liquid present - depends on the brand. It is actually one of the better ingredients to use in a cheesecake can make your own quark cheese - if you have 2 days and fresh milk to hand, but the bought will give good results.

Hope this helps..oh, and if you are worried about the fat content of the meal - serve the cheesecake with lashings of clotted cream on the side.....!
I saw curd cheese today in my local Sainsbury's....forgot to note the brand-sorry!. But if one store stocks it most others should also.

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