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Has anyone heard of Three Spires Finance Ltd? If so, how reliable are they.
22:07 Wed 19th Aug 2009
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Don't know anything about them and have never heard of them but did fing this.........

oh and they are registered to this address B77 5DS 301209&z=0&sv=B77+5DS&st=2&pc=B77+5DS&mapp=map .srf&searchp=ids.srf

Hope it helps
What service are they offering you?
Have you spoken to Citizens Advice Bureau?
Question Author
They manage debt management service. They negotiate with banks/credit card companies etc to enable an affordable repayment which they take 20% off.
So if debts are �10,000 they charge you �2000 in effect for something you can do easily? Money for old rope in my view if that's the case.
Contact the CBA - they will help you do it yourself.
You should get in touch with Debt Free Direct who will manage your debt for free and are very good.
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