creaky neck

hi does anyone ever get like a creaky grissly neck , like there is sand in it ? it happens when i turn it ?
horrid sound it is started happenin last yr wen i hit 40
love to know if its ok?
10:36 Tue 11th Jul 2006
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I get this as well, Carly. I'm 42. I haven't had a medical opinion on the problem, but am sure it's something to do with tension in the neck-muscles where they go into spasm or maybe where the vertebrae of the neck rub (?) against each other. If you are concerned enough about it, I'd suggest you approach your doctor, which I intend to do if it goes on any longer.
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does it happen to you every day jay jay ? i did ask my doctor tho and he just said its age and he also gets it and to go buy a book on neck exersices which i did but didnt really keep them up as i didnt like the noises!!
someone else suggested osteoarthiritus (if that how you spell it)
Almost every day, C. I was guessing it had SOMETHING to do with age - but we're only 40 -something ( ! ). Osteo-arthritis? Could well be. I had whip-lash injuries caused by a fall on stairs ( of all things ) and it may have made things worse. Don't say I get pain everyday, but when it hurts, it hurts. The bones of the neck are strange things, as your doctor will tell you. And they're supporting a head which has it's own weight to handle all day and they get 'tired'.
And I know what you mean by "noises" !
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p.s i also read about crepitus which is another thing it could be .
We're getting decrepit? I know what you're saying! Seriously though, I HAVE heard of this particular condition and just looked it up - doesn't sound 'nice'.

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