How do GP's cope?

If I were a GP (and the nation can breathe a sigh of relief that I'm not) I think I would spend most of my time suspended in disbelief!
IBS (dodgy stomach), lactose intolerant (don't like milk), etc etc. When I was growing up in the 50's/60's these didn't exist.
Please someone tell me that NHS resources are put to better use.
19:17 Fri 24th Feb 2012
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I totally agree with craft1948, I too suffer with IBS and have done for the last 10 yrs. It is actually quite debilitating and is a constant worry. Lactose intolerance is not someone not liking milk, it means their body can't break down lactose and suffer from nasty side effects. Neither of these conditions are trivial.
lol....just went and looked at her last user name....what a nice lady.....not!

Lisa x
Thought your post was going to be about the "challenge" of the Govt. NHS Reform. As to IBS, it was the scourge of a brave and resourceful colleague.
As to Soda, you are right there and if your dog ingests poison it may save its life as a fast emetic (used properly).
how did you do that, divegirl?
Someone mentioned her other user name.
No Ummmm t'was magic I used.....honestly :0)

Lisa x
That said I'd love to know how some of you manage to work out who they were in a previous life....I've been on here for years and don't have a clue!
Her posting style is a bit hard to disguise.
You can sometimes tell by ther expressions they use, or their writing style - or dead-giveaway clues, if they want to be found out :-)
You mean Rowan doesn't cast a spell or disappointing!
Why didn't they mention brain tumours - I could have stuck my oar in then!
I'll set nibble on 'em with his crutches - his broken kneecap might just be making too much of a fuss about a little fall over.
She'd probably accuse you of suffering with a headaches Postie.
Oi Lisa - see your own thread :)
well in a way she'd be right (and drunk for the falling over bit)
lol....was just going to say that Ummmm....

Will do Sunny xxx
Oooh she's a right stroppy mare this one! You are lucky you don't suffer with any of these issues sasskins.....very lucky. Maybe engage your brain before you post? Just a suggestion!

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