Strange Cravings

A woman is addicted to vaporub, eats it by the spoon, and she says she cant give it up, anyone else have bizarre cravings?
16:28 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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Sand from the ant hills but only when I was pregnant and only when it was about to rain.
Question Author
Strange lol, he is another jelly and chips
That sounds disgusting
Question Author
brinjal sand is more common that you think, others in pregnancy have craved it
I presume you are talking about cravings whilst pregnant ? If aso, I just couldnt get enough of banana sandwiches and maltesers. And at night I craved mint sauce on toast
Question Author
No, pregnant or not
I craved cockles!
Couldnt eat one now after looking inside it, oh yuck
Question Author
Sand and ice seem quite popular, can understand maybe sand, but ice, its just water
Mine when i was pregnant was raw carrots but they had to be covered in mud and i ate them like that without washing, i ate so many my palms were turning orange.

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