I recently went on holiday and burnt my shoulders today iv felt a lump under my skin when I run my finger over it n when I press it it's very sore but I can pinch it or move it I'm a little worried and wonder if anyone thinks I should get this checked out I don't want to waste doctors time.
22:07 Thu 30th Jun 2011
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This is almost certainly nothing to worry about and it was probably there before your holiday, brought to your attention now, by your sunburn.

You say it is under the skin, but can you separate the skin from the lump?

If it is worrying you then see you GP, but it is as likely as not, nothing to do with the sunburn.
I have several, doctor said they are cysts and told me there was nothing to worry over, little knotty lumps that you can feel, move slightly. As Sqad says if worried see the doctor, but i doubt he would say any different.

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